32 thoughts on “21 Days Later

  1. When my father died, my tears stopped functioning. For a few years actually. Until I watched a random movie – terminator 2. In the end when he sacrifices himself, I couldn’t stop crying. I cried and cried.

      • I cannot imagine. I was 16 when my father died. It took a long time to not feel like an explosion trapped in a glass box.

        On Tuesday I was in the ER with my daughter, just for stitches. I cannot imagine if anything more than superficial happened to my babies.

      • It broke me, then rebuilt me. I have a song that marked a moment of letting it all go.

        As I told my daughter, it’s just back story. After that she had gratitude for the experience.

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Your poems are heart-stopping. Words are always inadequate expressions of a loss – and a loss of this magnitude… I can only say you are a very positive and courageous person and I pray your life is filled with peace.

  3. This one resonates with me … I lost my father when I was 14. I wish someone had reached in and squeezed …. I think it was about a decade before I really shed a tear, and, probably about two decades before I cried my heart out.

    I’m good at locking things away.

  4. I am sorry for your loss. You have gone through so much. Letting this out (through your GIFT of writing) is so necessary and healthy for your journey of healing. I lost my dad when I was 22 and keeping it inside only caused me more pain. I hope that you find some comfort and peace as you continue to create with words.

  5. Someday, you will fly, and I imagine your wings will reflect all the beauty of the words you share.
    Thank you for your beautiful poems.


  6. My father lost his mother, his father, his wife, his daughter and his son all within a couple of years. He was left with his four year old daughter to care for. His hands still tremble when he looks at the pictures of my first family. He’s a good man. You sound like a good man, too. I hear you.

  7. I can really relate to this Geo, that happened to me too! Didn’t always get on with my Dad, and after reaching the point of both parents dead, I felt a bit numb by it all. And to my surprise found there was a lot of my Dad within – probably why we clashed so much I guess!!

    It’s quite bizarre seeing bit’s of your parents in yourself!

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