13 thoughts on “Memories

  1. I am a Japanese American married to a Chinese/Taiwanese American. I have heard these stories as well. Nanking being the worst. Although I had nothing to do with these incidents being an American who was born after the war, I can relate since I was raised with the same racist views that caused these injustices. I work daily to root out the racism in my psyche. This poem reminds me that my children have grandparents who also suffered at the hands of racism. It also reminds me of how lucky we are to live in post-civil rights America. Thank you for sharing.

    • thank you Kozo


      listening to stories

      from others

      I’ve realized how lucky

      I am

      to be so naive


      I’ve also realized

      how hard

      it is

      to understand


      thankfully my daughter’s grandpa

      does not cling to racist thoughts

      he understands war


      and forgiveness

  2. Sounds to me like your daughter has a true gift in her grand-father! Take lots of pictures and have them make many memories. I treasure the few I have of my grand-father. :D

  3. I can partially understand this, as my parents went through the Khmer Rouge. Me being born in a refugee camp changes my perspective in some ways. The things my parents have gone through to get me here to the US speaks volumes, and an appreciation that I am unable to give back.

    • my friend in college

      was from Laos

      his family spent 4 years

      in a refugee camp together


      his father passed away

      a few years ago

      and he shared so many

      touching survival stories


      I’ll never truly comprehend

      how blessed I’ve been

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