Gun Play

my grandpa fought

in world war I


carrying the horror


my brother played


with guns



my grandpa

solemnly spoke


people that kill

for a living

for fun

never find peace


they never find heaven


later that day

my brother confessed



I don’t want to be

a cowboy anymore


Gun Play

17 thoughts on “Gun Play

  1. I made peace with my father after watching Saving Private Ryan. I understood his father and how my father was raised, in that moment.

  2. I can remember my brother and I playing with cap guns (nice sound effects) playing the Cowboys and Indians game, and also Starsky and Hutch too – we were acting out what was fed to us on television. Terrible really, when you think what damage guns can do, and how war is no fun at all, but you don’t know that unless your wise grandfather tells you!

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