before dad died

we talked

about money


he grew up

an immigrant family

a farm

western canada

dirty thirties


he grew up

the eleventh

of twelve children

his family was rich

in love



they had each other

working, playing



family was survival


he never realized

they were poor

he did wonder

one time


the family searched

the home

3 cents


a postage stamp



13 thoughts on “Currency

  1. What you have written is a reminder of so many things, family, love, endurace and the truth of simplicity.

    In our society the need for ‘more’ seems to outweigh the reason for ‘less’.
    Less will always provide greater spirit.

  2. “his family was rich

    in love” – just this sentence should be a universal guidance.
    My grandparents were the same. It appals me when I realise among the daily doings how much we overlook and covet for the unecessery these days.

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