my grandpa

had an identical twin


his brother

drank, beat his wife

an extreme nationalist


in 1926

my grandpa

made a choice


never seeing

his fatherland

his family



identical genes

same upbringing


how can two people be so different ?




12 thoughts on “Twins

  1. Probably for the same reason that twins who’ve been separated at birth, given up for adoption, often end up having nearly parallel lives, having very similar experiences, marrying the same type of person …

    genes are part of who we are … so is our environment … but, ultimately, twins, triplets, whatever: we are all individuals, and perceive the world differently, which can make a huge difference in who you become.

    There are even ‘mirror image’ twins … identical, but everything is on the opposite side…

    And, I suspect, I’m taking the poem too seriously. :-)

    By the way … I have to ask …

    Do your thoughts flow in the same way as your writing… sort of like a scroll of short words… or, do you think in full, complete sentences, and just write in small, brief, burst of words?

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