I’m learning

to appreciate

shape, colour, texture

on their terms



the pieces never fit


are never answered


and that

is okay




14 thoughts on “Puzzles

  1. When I take this in the literal sense I have to say that I love incompatible texture and art, art that makes sense to my eyes and my heart without obvious intention from artist
    When I take this in a more esoterical way then I would say that it is simply the bliss and depth of life as seen by the open heart.
    Keep living openly Geo, keep sharing this lovely heart of yours.

  2. Thank you, I feel the same Geo. So many inspirations to life.
    I really do love hearing your thoughts and ideas and the way it all comes out in a structured rush.
    If you ever want to colab on anything, let me know, my email is on the ‘my self’ page.

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