12 thoughts on “Kiss and Tell

  1. Yes, this is also one of the reasons I have yet to go out and start dating again :(

    A co-worker told me of a guy she knew who was HIV+ but slept around with many people and didn’t tell them. How crazy and messed up is that? People, and their disregard for the lives around them.

  2. That’s a terrible sign to post up, even if it is true, but what if it isn’t? :shock:

    Many years ago my Dad stupidly got called a paedophile by the slightly dumb kids of the neighbourhood for telling them off after wrecking his garden fence. They assumed he was a single man, strange angry man who didn’t like kids (complete opposite to a real paedophile) when he was in fact an ageing man caring for his very sick wife, and trying to prevent the local out of control kids from destroying everything within their reach!

    One of their mothers came over, knocked on the door, to complain and justify her kids doing damage – saying they could play anywhere they liked. My Dad invited the woman in – reluctantly she came in, (she must have half believed the paedophile thing!) she saw me, and then met my Mother who was confined to bed with serious Rheumatoid Arthritis. My Mum being a cheerful woman had a pleasant conversation with her, and explained it was causing added stress to them, with the children tearing down the fence and knocking on the door for fun. I’ve never seen a woman look so ashamed of herself! So yes, self righteousness and also assumption can be very dangerous indeed!

    If my Dad had not invited her in, the rumours would have turned into all out war – it’s happened to other people like that, houses have been torched for no reason at all! It makes you wonder if those people just haven’t got enough to worry and concern them in their own life, that they have room enough in their minds to dream up fantasy dangers!

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