6 thoughts on “Immigrants

  1. I’m second generation. It’s taken me most of my life so far to get bits and pieces of the story… on both sides of the family because the family I’m closest to all came over under 20 years of age. The courage and ingenuity is staggering. For some reason the next generation, my parents, were left un-rooted. The work it took to establish in a new country took their childhood.
    The two world wars influenced everything. My Czech grandmother was married off at fifteen to a Polish soldier traveling through Buffalo, NY. My other Austrian grandmother, who came over alone at 16, bootlegged to raise her children alone after her Polish husband was run over by a car on Christmas.The garden and the cow helped.
    The wars took everything in the old country.
    We are bakers, foresters and artists.

    • over the years

      I’ve been piecing together

      fascinating stories

      from so many relatives


      my wife’s family

      first had steps in Canada

      100 years ago


      her great grandfather

      was a chinese labourer

      on the railroad


      they stowed away permanently

      after communism

      in the 50’s


      her parents are slowly

      piecing their history

      for a family summer celebration

  2. It is amazing how much we take for granted. My parents struggled to come here, so that my brother’s and I could have a better life. Our family is very limited on history as many of them died during the Khmer Rouge, and for the survivors we were all split apart. Some in Paris, some in Australia, some here in the US. My father mainly lost everyone – mother, father, siblings. He has his stories that he shares fondly. When you are limited on such things, they become that much more priceless.

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