A New Mix

the basic

genetic ingredients

of my daughter


half chinese

quarter german

one eighth polish

one eighth ukrainian


add lots of love

stir in some

patience, kindness, understanding


born in canada

serving others

with compassion, gratitude, happiness

a citizen of our world


A New Mix

24 thoughts on “A New Mix

  1. I am half japanese and Norweigan, German Swiss
    All the way through school until college, I never met another Hapa.
    We are so many now.
    Your daughter is a beautiful Hapa

  2. This is a beautiful post. We are all so much more than we can even see. My best friends son is having a bone marrow transplant soon. The closest match is not in close knit interbred Ireland, but a girl from America who is a 10/10 match! They are both parts of each other, who knows the nature of their mix.

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