My Daughter’s Name

she protects me

my favourite colour


the chinese character

a pictograph

begins with a king


he rules

the water

the land

the air

a line unites them


a dot

the jewel

in the king’s pocket


my daughter

is my jewel

when she’s with me

I’m the richest of kings


My Daughter's Name


13 thoughts on “My Daughter’s Name

  1. Aahh! :) This is beautiful! And that’s you reading? Excellent video poem – and lovely video of your daughter! :) I’ve been thinking of reading some of mine eventually, but it’s deciding what method to use, I’m not sure You tube will be right for me, probably the music player in WordPress I think. I love the echo you have on your voice, makes it extra special! :D

  2. That is such a wonderful video and beautiful reading. You should make more of these :)

    Yes, I want to hear Suzy one of these days when she gets around to it, and I plan on working on a video as well, so this is inspiring.

  3. Too wonderful! Very moving and lovely…. it’s nice to see your little girl, to get the visual of her and the chinese character… and, even your voice … i’ve long thought you should do readings of your poems … and, it’s nice to finally get a voice with the face …

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