I Am Not An Artist

two summers ago



only pretending


a has-been


another unfinished project


I’m Not An Artist


Music: My Fair Hiphop by VEGO feat. DJ AKA (creative commons copyright)


Music: Relaxation Spa Treatment by Dan the Automator (creative commons copyright)

12 thoughts on “I Am Not An Artist

  1. I would say that you still are an artist… being an artist — whether it’s a painter, a writer, a poet, a musician — it is who you *are*. It is just the same as the color of your eyes, or your hair … they are a part of who you are, part of your DNA. So is being an artist.

    My guess is that you were once an artist, and, then during a time of intense grief, loss and change, your art seemed unimportant… and, if I’m not mistaken, this blog is helping you to rediscover your art ….

    It’s not an unfinished project — just a project that was waiting for you to experience some healing, and to rediscover some happiness, which your daughter so clearly gives you.

    Perhaps, it might even be that your daughter, with her wise eyes, and childish laugh has given you reason to again find the art in your soul.

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