31 thoughts on “Complications

  1. It is a complicated situation..leaving oneself open to medical science.Our bodies are also so unique. I pray this man heals well. My father had 16 inches of his colon removed for polyps….benign but they said “you never know” Now he can’t hold his bowels. He lives with this and feels safe. We all make decisions we think we can live with.

  2. my dad passed

    from re-occurance


    from colon cancer


    my daughter’s grandpa

    is a prostrate cancer survivor

    hopefully his spirit

    continues the will

    to live

  3. Found this post because of a wise quote you shared in a comment to FE above. You have a talent for much said in a few words, not like me at all. But I have been in your present situation, so I understand – may the words of solidarity from your friends and supporters here help you to be strong for your family and honest, no matter what. I hope that your daughter gets her grandpa back.

  4. Much empathy! I have Crohn’s and have had an ileostomy for 15yrs. It was hard at first but the surgery saved my life and I’m so used to it now. It’s normal for me. I can still do all sorts of things that I didn’t think I’d be able to do, even a bit of scuba diving :-) It’s so scary going through the procedures and tests but you seem to have a close family bond amongst you all and that’s one of the greatest helps in the healing process.

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