10 thoughts on “Constellations

  1. my body marked

    with earthly stories


    a 3 year old runs

    under a farm fence

    almost rips an eye


    a hockey puck

    off the face

    a pass, a goal


    armour exposed

    falling to the ice

    an elbow explodes


    top speed

    a skate breaks

    a hand reaches the boards

    protecting the spine


    my stories

    my scars


  2. a long list

    of ideas mapping the body


    rattled the loudest

    to mark the concept


    too funny

    hockey WAS my mom’s

    worst nightmare

    probably the same

    as your australian rugby

    • I think rugby is up there in a ‘preferably not list’ but so many sports are. Apart from cricket, thats just an excuse for patrons to drink and watch some well-paid bastards out in the full heat of an Australian summer doing not much at all. Look it up, its a snooze and yet a national treasure here, Im yet to understand why.
      Hockey I get, thats exciting!

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