Pulpy Neurons

my stillborn son

my dad’s death

my mother


comforted me


a year later


my mom’s ovary

a cyst

the size of a grapefruit


no sweet crystals

could mask

my sour pulpy eyes

ripping through bitter

achey seeds


Pulpy Neurons


20 thoughts on “Pulpy Neurons

  1. your words
    stirs me

    makes me want
    to write again

    your drawing
    etch a mark
    in my mind

    makes the faded sketches
    of my lost memories
    come to life again

    sorrow is a
    bittersweet burden

    though one might want
    to pass the chalice
    without taking
    a sip

    that would be
    a mistake

    in retrospect

    life could not be
    what it is

    without loss

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