My Birthday Is Easter Sunday


unborn debts


our knowledge

fears / feeds

our limitations


earthly expectations

shatter shards

sharp shrapnel

inside me


both haunted


confusing metaphors


the same dream

released me


from a bridge

I’m shining

letting go

I’m flying





so precious

my miracle


kiss me


I’m free




18 thoughts on “My Birthday Is Easter Sunday

    • …..Happy birthday and glad to see you back ! …..
      I love the way the last remark sounds, like a Zen koan…but I’m puzzled by it. I’ve always considered that I paint and write in order to decipher what my metaphors are. Stuff surfaces so I can get a look at it.
      It’s usually the perfect metaphor but has to be looked at from multiple views, with layered and intertwined meaning. Perhaps this aspect is what you’re talking about….literal is too linear a translation to encompass the full potential. ?
      Brain teaser party favors at this birthday party…..xxoo

  1. Always the layers, always more to be read than intended.

    It is my 3 year old daughter’s today – 2nd April. She was born 1 hour after midnight, after my making contractions stop earlier on the 1st so as not to have an April Fool’s baby.
    She is the brightest, fiery spark I have ever met.

    I hope your Birthday was all the wonderful deserved.

    • simply an amazing birthday

      happy happy happy

      was my daughter’s card

      for me


      my sister’s 10 year old son

      almost exactly like me

      born on April 1


      no fooling

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