24 thoughts on “Connotations

    • years ago

      a biology professor


      our myths

      of progress



      exponential curves

      data / shmata


      by 2050


      we’ll need

      2 or 3 earths

      to sustain the population



      one of many

      crawling dialogues


  1. ooo….I like this one Geo Sans. Invasive species…I’ve made attempts myself to finds ways of being in relationship, incorporated some in my gardening, studied some, been overtaken by some, and find I have a respect for their place/misplace in the scheme of things. They are a goodly part of my considerations, and you are spot on….as humans, we’re definitely of the same tribe. Thing is… Earth’s reality is to naturally find a balancing equilibrium. So why the mess? Once again you’ve given me the place to open up dialogue. Thank you, my friend!

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