24 thoughts on “Ignorance Is Bliss

    • hi shawn

      thanks for thinking of me


      I can’t accept


      your follow

      my existing readers

      my biggest



      feel free

      to nominate

      someone else

      in my place

  1. they not only accept their freedom they embrace it…throw themselves at it! :) adorable grin is priceless

  2. Is innocence tantamount to youth? Must it wither away with age and time?
    Or can it remain an untainted perception of reality, despite the tribulations of circumstance? I’d like to hope it is a choice, rather than something doomed inevitably to demise – an internal purity we might preserve, which need not reflect external deterioration, a flower that might bloom and bear fruit despite drought.

  3. Funny enough this reminds me of how I feel every New Year. I am happy to celebrate but oh so glad I do not know what the year ahead holds.

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