50 thoughts on “Inner Peace

  1. I’m slowly learning that the past shapes us, but the present can reshape us, if we let go of the past and allow ourselves to move forward… understanding the past doesn’t always make it easier to let go of…. in fact, trying to understand it can keep us mired in it….

    If that’s you in the photo, seems we have the same hairstylist. :-)

  2. There is no undoing anything in this life – no rewind button! Everything good or bad makes us what we are today, and sometimes the bad choices, the bad actions, painful as they are at the time, often turn out to be the greatest lessons for me, and what causes me to move forward most. :) I love the photo, I’m guessing it’s you!!?

    • quote
      the musician/artist regarding imagery in the song “Your Legs Grow”
      “When a challenge presents itself to you, it is so easy to have a kind of panicky feeling where you think, ‘Oh my god – if that happened to me, I would die. If I have to stay in this job I’ll die, or if I lose that person, I’ll die.’ And once in a while, those things you think will kill you happen. You know, someone breaks up with you, or one of your parents gets really sick or something. But you make it through anything, really.
      And the image that was in my mind was that if you were out at sea, and you were freezing and thought you were going to drown – somehow we have the capacity to get over anything and the image that I had in mind was that your legs would just grow down to the bottom and you’d walk out.
      We are capable of rescuing ourselves. I was holding onto that thought or being hopeful about it, since I was going through a hard time in a relationship.”

      the album “answers questions of lust and deception, greed and love, joy and regret and the rites of passage you weren’t quite ready to pass through.”

      • What a beautiful song.

        We are capable of rescuing ourselves – survival of the fittest one could say. Things will happen to us and we can choose to fight and survive or bow to defeat. But it is only during struggles can we find out the full potential of our strength and willingness to hold on.

        Thank you so much for sharing this.

  3. Synchronicity’s path is aligning so perfectly today. I read a quote by the Zoba Beta poet that really made me pause for long enough to realize I’ve been going about this whole ‘peace of mind’ thing completely in the wrong direction. He said.

    TRUTH is often sacrificed for the sake of stability and peace.

    • synchronicity

      in action

      I just wrote this

      around an hour ago




      is a subjective term ?



      my personal truths

      have nothing

      to do

      with universal

      truth ?

  4. I live in my past often because it holds some of the grandest tales! It is also great that I can relive them like a movie, cry and feel sheer destruction all over again but know that I am still here, cannot be ripped apart no matter how much the things inside try and those memories are mine, all mine, no one elses. It is perception, it is beauty in all things.

  5. I’ve cut all my hair off a couple times from anguish…it looks better on you.
    Also hitchhiked across country and back because I couldn’t find any other way to distract my heart and needed to stay moving…so young then. But it was leveling and I trust my body now. I can hurt …deep as the grand canyon. I’ll live with it…an open choice. I won’t let it stop me from loving. I’ll make room. My heart is big enough.
    I keep learning to let go of my side of seeing.
    Yikes! Don’t know how I missed this post till today.
    I know it’s a picture but it’s interesting to look you ….straight in the eye …

  6. The traumas of my past have shaped me. They have also fueled me, filling me with courage, and strength. It took quite some time but I have come to terms with all that happened and have dealt with it. I can now move on and enjoy the present, really “smelling the roses” each and every day. I know many who are still struggling with past feelings. It is good to be free.

  7. Fierceness and vulnerability. Quite a combination. Thanks for sharing you in a photo. Good luck at the dentist/oral surgeon tomorrow. Peace.

  8. You originally posted this the week before I started blogging. I always wondered (image wise) about the man behind the depth and the courage.

    I’ve followed and read your work for nearly 1.5 years. In that time I’ve sensed and felt not only your anguish but what seems, on the surface, your resiliency. The strength you’ve grown into is noble. I hope this is a fair characterization.

    To this day, I still I still see clearly, through the mist, the photo of your father-in-law guiding his daughter into your cherished world. You have much for which to be grateful.

  9. a broken heart, healing, strengthening, different now, but scars embracing…..

    I love the chinese video translation, the cycle of life continues, it has to, we live and learn and show.

    Your photo is a beautiful portrait of light and shadow, your handsome face searching, discerning.

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