17 thoughts on “Being …

  1. bought …
    unreasonable discord
    mechanical limbs
    alienation …
    then eternity
    The Grind

    image by Katy Watts / creative commons

  2. Your initial phrase was unusual to my ears so I was making use of the thesaurus.
    Your response was unusual to my ears so I returned to the thesaurus.
    Maybe we’ve found our interpreter?

    word spinning
    into multiple

    Thank you, Geo, for graciously playing along
    (I used to play this way with drawing, come to think of it, passing back and forth between a friend)

  3. Interesting thought Geo! Learning to be calm and living in harmony is so much more important than happiness. I was writing a post the other day on happiness, and I’m not completely sure what happiness is, everyone has a slightly different idea of what it means to them. But whatever it really is, it does seem very brief. Some feelings are worth a lot more! :)

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