26 thoughts on “Draft 2 …

  1. I have read you along for some time, watching an internal understanding evolve and still hurt yet occur in such a way that life is still celebrated. This loss, his loss, your loss, is greater than so much, I cannot fathom that.
    Geo, if you can (and understand you not) what is his name?

  2. The beans are beautiful..the ones you planted with your daughter? It’s another world from this view. All the sweeter for celebrating these tender anniversaries. Little gifts…

  3. It must be a very strange thing to be reminded of what age your son would be now. My parents had this with their first daughter that died. I think things got better for them as they aged, but there must have been times when they looked at my brother and I – all grown up, and wondered, what would she would have been like as an adult? I hope time will be kind to you, and will soften the emotion. :)

  4. ’twas the point where your destiny crossed paths with his….
    there must have been a reason,
    or perhaps none.
    but you must let go, my friend…
    let go…as there is no other way
    to live a lifetime…and more..

    more power to you..

  5. Happy birthday to your little one. Even though he is not here it’s important to mark his existence. For us Daniel will always be 13. The passing seasons I find help me understand grief better.

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