Springing Back to Life


are always difficult


my son would have been

eight years old today


searching relevance in loss

grasping reverence for all life



my son’s memory



my daughter’s childhood




is your biggest

gift ?


big splash

Salmon Berry

31 thoughts on “Springing Back to Life

  1. I understand your loss in some way from watching my friend grieve her son. You lost his presence and his future. Life can be very hard, but it is good to be able to appreciate and enjoy your daughters life. Sad for you.

  2. To honor loss, to honor life, Candid reflection. Love the picture of your daughter btw, leaping off the water; taking flight. Quite fitting for how time has flown by so fast and look how much she has grown!

  3. That’s such a good way to look at it Geo, we can only go forward, backwards doesn’t lead to much other than more grief. Choosing to celebrate what beautiful things we do have, is right, because time passes so quickly and change never stops. I love your picture of her jumping – wonderful image of celebration! I wish my Dad had taken a picture of me like that, I forget I used to do things like that! ;) And the flower is gorgeous too, beautiful sunlight filtering through! :)

  4. Beyond the deepest pain
    The purest Hope emerge,
    Silently, indubitably, resolutely.

    These lines for you, inspired by your poem. Only if you like and agree, I may post on my blog with a dedicace to you and a link to this extremely moving poem.

  5. I did not know of this unimaginable loss in your life Geo. My heart tears for you as you remember and honour through the leap of life of your daughter and the flower, beautiful in its transience. So much relevance, reverence and courage in your words, touching me deeply…

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