My Poetic Confidants / My April Reblogs



to celebrate national poetry writing month

I wanted to honour some of the wonderful wordsmiths

within my wordpress community


thank you

for all your invaluable support

and your exceptional expressions




Sirena Tales / haven haiku

The ancient eavesdropper / Organic volumes

Poetry of Light / Surfacing

Poetically Versed / Remember The Big Red Firetruck?

Blase’ /

tychogirl / Space to breathe

Talking to the Clouds / you left behind

Dancing on Frozen Beaver Ponds / An uncomfortable situation

Shackled and Crowned / Struggle

Bound 4 Escape / Understanding Poetry

Helen Valentina / Elemental

Poesy plus Polemics / Music of Scars

beeseeker / Yet …

Chatty Owl / You

A Prayer Like Gravity / Shape I

Virgilio is on a quiet journey…and wondering… / The Ability to Let Go

Busy Mind Thinking / Echo

Mono No Aware / A Fire in the Belly

WordMusing / Glorious Wings

Stars Rain Sun Moon / I am different

ungodly thoughts at ungodly hours / At one point

tenderheartmusings / amber wings

Fairytale Epidemic / Body Wash

Teacher as Transformer / Lie Down

Poems and Drawings / Lines

AshiAkira’s Blog / Nothing stays the same

26 thoughts on “My Poetic Confidants / My April Reblogs

  1. Thank you too Geo, for your deep and quirky commentary on my pages that continually stops me in my tracks to look up, look around, turn things around and explore further….our favorite pursuit. You are a wonderful traveling companion my friend xxoo
    Congratulations on your beautiful book…

  2. Reblogged this on Poems and Drawings and commented:
    National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo) has concluded – and my blog/Poem was included in Geo Sans list of poems he reblogged for the month – thanks so much Geo San :-) the other poems are well worth a visit!

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