Drink Like the World’s Gonna End

bodhi jones



Musician’s Notes :
The song touches on the culture of war, materialism, and the apathetic tendency to numb ourselves with drugs and alcohol.

Shake Off The Hang Over :
However within all of this doom and gloom commentary, I do assert that there’s still hope for humanity and that one day, we’ll “Shake off the hang over and stand up” shedding these apathetic ways.

Live With Passion :
But until then, we should live free and full. Because our future is uncertain, we need to continue living our present days with purpose and passion.

3 thoughts on “Drink Like the World’s Gonna End

  1. I’m not sure I believe in The World Is Going To End message, I’ve heard it before – my teenage years in the 80’s was full of that message, it was all such nonsense and just caused a lot of teenagers I knew to become very depressed and hopeless about their future – there was no need for them to feel that way. And I can remember my dad telling me that when he was young, after the second world war there were rumours in the news about a nuclear war in the 50’s!

    I’m very suspicious of who puts this message out and why. Not sure if this is what you want to hear Geo, but I’m just being honest here. Bad things happen to countries and wars come and go, but the rest I feel is fiction – maybe to get young people hooked on drink, drugs and even empty pointless sex, because they think there won’t be a tomorrow – but there always is a tomorrow! :)

    • twisting apathy
      challenging us
      shaking off hangovers
      finding our passion
      a maharaja
      his living funeral
      every morning
      reminding himself
      time constantly flows
      challenging himself
      to enjoy life
      live greatly
      understanding our mortality
      is a source of wisdom ?

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