dear reader,

please take some time



a favorite poem of mine


please comment

why the poem connects

with you


heartfelt thanks,

geo sans


Summer Sprinkler

My Daughter / Summer


for any new followers

enclosed below are references and links

from my poetry collection :


most likes

1. anniversary gift

2. doodle

3. intimacy

4. dialogue

5. our energy


most views

1. mutate

2. intimacy

3. be the verb

4. sexless

5. privileged


most comments

1. mutate

2. stillness

3. 21 days later

4. be the verb

5. expecting

51 thoughts on “Request

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  2. “My Dad’s Eulogy”… and here is the comment I wrote on that post, again:
    Today 07/29 marks the 3rd anniversary of my own precious father’s death. He too had those hands. He worked hard all of his life, made an example of what it is to build and sustain a life thru hard work. He was a provider, a mentor, and a genuine Father who taught us about life and made it possible for us to experience fully what a family was meant to be, and what love was about. I miss him so very, very much.
    Beautiful post.

    • thank you
      this upcoming weekend
      have marked my parent’s
      50th wedding anniversary
      my family is reuniting
      to celebrate
      the legacy of their love
      thank you so much
      for your comment
      it means so much
      with love and respect,
      geo sans

  3. Well, I am pretty sure I may be alone in this, but my fave is “doodle.” A little farther along in the process of transformation, it conveys hope and connection…which save all of us. xo

  4. This is tricky
    My favorite was the first post I read and I’m thinking it must have been in December 2012. Just three lines. Knocked on my door…
    My other favorite is “Intimacy”
    To me, it is you face up floating in the sea of your life
    Of course I love “sexless” it sent me on my own quest
    There is another one you aren’t mentioning here…the one with all the pictures… where I understood

  5. Hey my friend!
    Just checking in … you’ve not been around in a while … I find I’m missing your deep thoughts.
    Hope all is well in your world…..

  6. Hard to pick a favorite. I love “Doodle” because I love your daughter, but the poems about your son move me most. I, too, am back from a family outing. Looking forward on catching up soon. {{{Hugs}}} Kozo

  7. Oh Geo, it is so incredibly tough to pick out favorites when it comes to your poems. In no particular order, Blue Print, Silence, Ascension, Writing Out Loud and Sexless.

    They resonate with me because I was going through a difficult time with love and being vulnerable and writing for therapy. It always brings a bit of peace to see others who are battling the same things and conquering them, albeit it took some time.

    Also, anything in regards to the loss of your son and those beautiful moments with your daughter (like Twirling), they cut right through the heart.

    I hope you are enjoying the summer with your family. x

    • thanks for taking
      the time
      and listening
      the writing has put me
      in a better space
      I’m appreciating where
      I’m at
      keep writing, growing
      I’ll keep reading
      your inspiring poetry

  8. I don’t have time just now to answer that. I must work through your archives if I am to honestly answer the question. I do hope you are well and I look forward to catching up on posts when I return home.

  9. To read all your work would be the honest approach, but that i cannot do, I love your poetry, very essential and like a dart goes right into you without excess.
    Of those which I read I liked Anniversary and My Wife perhaps most…hard to say I haven’t found one that i didn’t like yet. But as I said I’d have to read all your work….

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